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Mr. Connelly,
I am reading "The Black Ice", and on page27 you describe black ice as "...somebody took coke, heroin and PCP and rocked them altogether.".
As a retired DEA SAC with 44 years of drug enforcement experience, ICE, as I remember it, was always a very pure methamphetamine. Since I have been retired for several years I went on the DEA website and researched ICE. Sure enough, it listed ICE as Methamphetamine.
I enjoy all your books because of your law enforcement knowledge and great plots.
However, "The Black Ice" leaves me with some doubts on your narcotic sources. (As you can readily see I pay attention to what I am reading.)

George C. Festa

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I claim artistic license on black ice. I made up the compound drug because i was looking for something pretty bad, that could possible take the crack epidemic up one notch. I had read about a drug out of hawaii called blue ice which was a mixture of meth and and cocaine, if I remember right. So I added in black tar heroin to make black ice. I didn't call it just ice because as you mention I knew that was meth.
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