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MC talks about his next book.

Jane Davis
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Thank you, Jane. For me, the double-helix did not work well. ... in my rarely humble opinion ... it's essential that two woven plots support and amplify each other, increase the dramatic tension, not distract from it.

For example, the current National Geographic "Mars" TV series suffers badly from the too-frequent and poorly placed, real-life interviews. They disrupt the dramatic flow of the fictional story, like too many commercials, perhaps.

Michael has done double-plots before, and usually there appears to be connection and overlap, thus each plots boosting the other. This works well.  In the Wrong Side of Goodbye, this was not the case. Just saying.

Michael is still The Best in the business.

W Donelson

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I happened to like the double plots  and this book was outstanding, even given MC's excellence with all his writing.  I so eagerly await each of his books and have every one of them (some even signed by him).  But this one had a little something extra (IMO) and I could not put it down.  the only thing wrong with that is that in one day I have used up the new MC book and have to wait until the next year for the next one.  I love Harry.  Best Jan Schulman  janrichgmr@aol.com 
Jan Richman Schulman
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