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As a lover of the books, I resisted watching the TV series for fear of being let down
However I started watching series 1 last week, and an now half way through series 4. Love it. Great interpretation of the books and characters. Except Chief Irvine Irving, hated him in the books, love him in the tv series. Great actor - I would say the best in the show. Also loving Crate and Barrel!

Cathy O'Neill

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I agree that Irving was more vilified in the books than he is in the series.
I haven't read all of the books yet, but I don't think the last few I have are going to change my opinion on him that much.
He is great in the TV series, however, although he does seem to cross some lines that even Bosch won't venture over.
It's interesting how the two characters see their roles.
Crate and Barrel are great as well.
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