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I was re-reading The Poet and I guess I have found some discrepancy.

In chapter 27, FBI agent Hazelton said "...All but one of these incidents occurred in the victim's home".

But in the Preliminary Victimology Report prepared by the FBI, there were two incidents (Kotite and McAvoy) listed with "car" as the place of death (chapter 22)

Now back to reading :)

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hmmm keep reading, we are waiting for the next error you find now :)
Best Books For Teens

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Mistakes do happen.....

Void Moon

Karch states technical ignorance of a casino switch from video tape to digital surveillance. Later in the book he's a pro with downloading GDP data to a laptop and complete understanding of the process. I view it as poor editing knowledge in that (2000) era.

Great book, I'm a big Connelly fan.  

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The Narrows have a reference to the situation I wrote about in my original post.
In chapter 39, Walling says "All the other cops X killed were in their homes, one in his car".

Anyway, both are brilliant, fantastic novels.
Don't remember how many times I have read them, getting the same pleasure each time.

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 I have a copy of 'The Poet' where the dates of characters births and deaths are wrong, i.e. DOB of one character different later in the book.  The 13th of March seems to be a date used throughout.  Why is this date special to Michael Connelly?  Would love to know

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Just a nit. Several times in "The Poet," MC uses the word "further" when the correct word in the context is "farther." Anyway, I enjoy MC's books very much.
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