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About ten years ago I attended a book signing at Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale.  The buzz was all about Michael Connelly's exciting new book The Reversal, a cross-over with Micky Haller and Harry Bosch. 

But at the Q&A, what I wanted to know was when MC was going to bring back Jack McEvoy! I did not get a clear answer at that time, but now I am thrilled to say that MC has delivered, and it was worth the wait! 

Jack McEvoy is an investigative reporter who also solves crimes. (See The Poet and The Scarecrow.) Connelly, a former investigative reporter himself, leads his character into the dark web to stalk a serial killer who finds a certain type of victim through DNA characteristics. He also brings back erstwhile love interest Rachel Walling, a former FBI profiler (who also had a thing with Harry Bosch).

What is unbelievably cool is that although the latest book is in the form of a novel, Fairwarning is also a riveting investigative reporter's piece about real time problems with the DNA industry. For years I have been telling people they are CRAZY for voluntarily giving up their DNA to commercial data bases like Geneology, etc.  Connelly, through McEvoy, exposes the failures of the FDA to monitor the industry and how assurances of privacy are completely illusory. 

Fortunately, Connelly is one of the few male writers who also knows how to write good love stories. He does not resort to graphic sex scenes, and does not reduce female characters to sex objects.  Instead he writes a palbable story of human longing and frailty. 

I hated to see this book end, but the good news is that it ended with a tease about the next story.  Hopefully, we will not need to wait another 10 years to see it!


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I am so happy to know you liked it Jeannie. Thanks for posting the great review.
Jane Davis
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