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What was the reason they were flying the drug shills to a secret location (wherever it was)? Were all of those people essentially enslaved?
Are they in it forever?
All to get a small amount of oxy?
Was it just so they couldn't run away?


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I think it is all about controlling their movements.
These guys are homeless, so instead of losing them on the streets, they give them the bare minimums:
1. Food
2. Shelter
3. Enough drugs to feed their addiction while still keeping them functional
Basically it keeps them in slavery to the pills and to the criminals.

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Another reason for the flights is to make use of a fascinating real-life setting, a place called Slab City in Imperial County, out in the middle of the desert. It's well known and not actually a secret. There's lots of info about it on the internet. It's a former military base. About all that's left now is the concrete slab foundations. Hundreds of people have moved in and set up homes there, and they are mostly left alone. The residents are generally very low income individuals. Some might call their existence marginal, but they are simply looking for a rent-free place to live. They have a sort of self-government much like what Connelly described. I wouldn't be surprised to find addicts living there, but I doubt that they have the opioid drug ring. Connelly clearly has a long standing interest in this corner of California, going back to The Black Ice when he drove down to Mexicali to investigate the murder of Calexico Moore. More recently, the Amazon series has used Borrego Springs as a setting. I love his accurate use of real locations, and it is one of the things that sets him apart apart as an author.

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Early in the "Two Kinds of Truth" book Connely made reference to the fact that no one really knows the comings and goings of "bad charters" at municipal airports in the USA. In fact that is true. There is no flight plan or other FAA control and other than squawking a transponder code for ATC no one knows who is coming or going which lends a terrorist feel to the reading.

So I believe it was a convenience. Perhaps he was going the terrorist direction initially But to me the whole lot of them could have been bused to and from the out lands of Riverside where they werre holed up in a a few single wides. Maybe Palmdale or Encino.

Just my take.

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