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Could an authorized "products" site be set up?  There was a discussion of t-shirts a while ago but no official response.

Then I met a gentleman at the Brookline Booksmith.  See attached photo. I am VERY jealous.  He told me he won it somehow in a competition on this website, I didn't quite catch the detail. (The cap has Harry's mission-motto embroidered on the back: "Everyone....")

Jealousy could be reduced and fans could be inadvertently promoting MC's great writing while having a lot of fun... IF something were set up through an authorized seller and the product shop was linked from the official MC website.  

And if there is some legal issue I'm missing here, let me get to the bottom line:  How can I get one OR MORE of those caps????  [Pretty Please!]


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rgoutal: The Bosch TV show gear (hat in the picture) is given to cast and crew each season. We've given a few away in various mailing list, Facebook, and Twitter contests over the last few years. We will likely do so again for season 4, going back into production now.

So the gear comes from the production company and is not sold anywhere yet. We'll look into it.

Jane Davis
Web Site Manager

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Want the hat for sure. Bought book on Amazon to be delivered at our vacation house in Oregon. Bought another in Costco yesterday just cause! Can't wait. If the grand kids let me read it on vacation I will be happy, if not I have one here at home.

Barbara, Bosch fan


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Originally Posted by Janed
rgoutal: We'll look into it.

Good to hear! There are eight of us in the Bosch Read-Him-Through book group in Manchester, MA.  (That is a subgroup of our mystery book club associated with our town library.) I showed that photo to our group on Friday 7/28 -- They all want a cap like that!

Again, fans around the world would love to obtain fan "stuff."

In looking into it, you've probably heard of these two outfits - Zazzle and CafePress.  Both make it easy to create a variety of products easily. A store created on either site can be moved to your own website (oversimplifying a bit.)

Of course there are hundreds of outfits that do t-shirt printing (and caps, and you-name-it) if you don't mind doing the individual selling and shipping -- ha ha - can't picture that. That's an advantage of Zazzle/CafePress.

I'd say that designs should probably be generic (good for either the books or TV episodes) -- like the cap in the photo.

Perhaps another one, for a t-shirt:

Hieronymous Bosch
His Work is Awesome
(The Detective, Not the Artist)

OK, keeping fingers crossed!

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