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In what Bosch novel did Harry injury a ligament in his knee while on a plane (I think)?

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Well, in season 5 of the TV series he wears a brace to 'go under' but mentions that his knee got hurt in the Middle East (that means, for the book, Vietnam).
But I cannot recall a 'single' incident where he injured only the knee... there was one book where he had been more or less captured (and in actuallity he
has been taken a few times in a few books) and in a cage, he actually gets away, gets back up and an airship and his knee is hurt there... too.
In another (and I'm not naming them so there is no issue with giving things away) he is taken by a 'political' power in L.A., has a fight, uses a cue ball
and I think he is limping it that one too. So wish I could be more helpful... guess I'll just have to read 'em all again. Haha

Travis McGee and 'thee' Bosch!
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