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First off, everyone, thanks very much for the opportunity to share what I've been creating during my time in quarantine.

Like all of you, I love both Michael Connelly's literary work, and the Bosch series on Amazon - especially Titus Welliver's embodiment of Harry himself.

I'm also a big fan of mid-century design, and I have a special love for the work of Reid Miles, the designer/photographer who created somewhere around 500 album covers for a record company called Blue Note in the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Harry Bosch would know Blue Note; they produced some of the greatest Jazz albums ever, and while I've never been a big jazz fan, I listened to Blue Note exclusively while I was making these, and I have to tell you - That music gets to your heart. Some of it brought me to tears.

As I was watching Season Six, I started thinking about tying all of this together; Michael's books, Welliver's Bosch, L.A., Jazz, and Reid Miles. I thought what the titles might look like if detectives were like musicians, and if, instead of novels, the 22 books were albums from the mid-twentieth century.

This is some of what I came up with. There are a few examples here, and lots more on my website, http://www.russellwalks/bosch. Here's hoping you like it...

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