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First off, this is the first book I have read, have not watched any of the TV shows, so I have no idea of the back story to this character.

With that said.

Here are my thoughts.

This Guy is running the prescription rings not the Russian goons.

Think about it.

His Job gives him complete access to the pill shops etc.
He doesn't act on the tip he received but the Pharmacist still winds up dead...how did the Russians know?
When he finds out Bosch is running an undercover opp he begs to be on it so he can be on the inside even though he is super busy...
Shows up at Chemical Ali's office and immediately lets him escape.
Wants to know where Bosch is taking the drugged up chick.
Drugged up chick lets something slip when Jerry walked in....something like "this is one bad dude"

couple of other things but cant remember just now.


Terry (drugged up chick) was in the the middle of an overdose when Bosch showed up.  I think they were planning on killing her but when Bosch called Jerry they changed their mind.  Remember Jerry was super reluctant to help Bosch find her.


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Interesting theory.  Since apparently the thread of the "drugged up chick" will continue into the next-to-be-published Bosch novel (as Bosch investigates her daughter's murder), Jerry Edgar may show up again.

However, my take on Edgar's character after reading the previous Bosch books in which he appears tells me that he does not have the smarts nor the sheer gumption to run an operation that turns people's opioid addiction into big illegal bucks.  Edgar in some ways acted as a foil for Bosch when they were partners.  Bosch rarely kept him informed in a timely way about investigative leads he was following, and so Connelly cultivated the "lone wolf" nature of Harry's character.  And Edgar would find out long after readers of the story just where the truth lay.

Fred in Bogota

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Wasn’t there a recent book where Jerry Edgar was providing info on Bosch to an attorney suing the city and Bosch because Jerry’s real estate investments were under water
There is no way Bosch would have anything to do with Jerry after that

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That was the 3rd book in the series, The Concrete Blonde. They made peace after that. 
Jane Davis
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