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Is the LAPD as crooked and political as depicted in Connelly's books or does he simply use poetic license to tell good stories?

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Whether the LAPD is crooked is a matter of opinion. All I will say is that the LAPD has had a number of scandals over the years, such as the Rodney King beating in 1991 and the Rampart scandal in the late 90's. That doesn't make the whole department crooked, but those were significant negative events that put a cloud over the department. Michael Connelly is a meticulous researcher. As he said in a recent message about the Murder Book podcast, he is a journalist at heart. Much of what he writes is based on real incidents that he has observed or been told about by insiders. Of course he is writing fiction, so some people and events are purely fictional. But it's the high proportion of factual content that sets his work apart from all other crime writers.
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