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I have noticed a trend of forensic evidence, including DNA evidence, being used by Connelly as a red herring or maybe more generally as a "MacGuffin." 

++++++++++++++++The following examples include spoilers++++++++++++++++ 

In The Night Fire, Bosch, working for the "dark side," helps Mickey Haller save an innocent man from conviction by bringing to bear evidence of DNA transfer through the testimony of an EMT witness, who (unwillingly) presented exculpatory proof from his medical kit. 

In an earlier book, The Brass Verdict, Haller used the same notion to defend a wealthy Hollywood producer, who ultimately turned out to be guilty of the homicide.

I believe there have been other examples of reported cases of misuse of forensic evidence sprinkled throughout the MC books.  I was reminded of this trend when I read the following article, written by a former prosecutor, turned defense attorney:


Fans of Connelly might enjoy this article, which mainly concerns the influences of the popular CSI television series on the use of forensic evidence.

Fred in Bogota
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