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I'm a big Connelly fan. Only discovered him a few years ago and somewhat by accident, I read The Drop first. I've read or listened to several more books in the Bosch series and I love it. Love it. But, I enjoy the Haller books more. I like the first person. I like that Haller is a defense attorney - Bosch, while he is quite the maverick, is often blind to the hipocrisy of the establishment. This isn't a criticism; it's part of why he's such a well-rounded, interesting, and believable character. Still, my personal preference leans toward Haller. I get why Connelly writes more Bosch books. Bosch is what the people want, of course. 

My question is: does anyone know when the next Haller book is happening? The Crossing was excellent; but, I'm ready for a great legal thriller narrated by Mick Haller. If Bosch is his new investigator that'd be bonus. Anyone heard of Connelly's plans for the series?

Joshua L. James

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Mickey plays a key part in the new Bosch novel, The Wrong Side Of Goodbye. But Harry is the lead.

Michael recently said in an interview that he does plan to write about Mickey again. There are just no details yet.

Jane Davis
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