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A bit behind, just started "Night Fire", as usual, a very nice read (read all the Harry novels, most more than once) but I noticed a 'diagnosis' in Chap 3... a rare one.

ANYONE else wonder about why suddenly (although Harry is the right age pretty much)?

How is Michael Connelly's health?  

Travis McGee and 'thee' Bosch!

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I don't know about Michael Connelly's health, but Harry's cancer originates from his exposure to radioactive material in The Outlook, so there is some background.

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Speaking from experience, cancer always appears "suddenly". It sneaks up on you. As vance_extra said, the groundwork was laid long ago. I think Connelly is just trying to maintain a sense of reality in the character. I recall in one book he talks about having a root canal. Normal human stuff. I find this approach far more interesting than other cops or spies who never seem to get old and never have any of the maladies that the rest of us suffer from, like the legendary McGee. He only slowed down when he got shot, and then his recovery was usually quite rapid, including his tan.
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