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It has been a decade or so since I have been on this board.  I got hooked on Connelly back about 18 years ago.  I was at Cozumel, Mexico airport getting ready to head back to home and was looking at the book rack for something to read.  A fellow walked up beside me and asked me what genre of books I liked to read.  I told him crime, legal, murder, trials etc.  He looked at the rack and picked up the Poet.  

He said you won't be able to stop reading.  I bought it and he was right as I almost got it read by the time we got home.  I have every book by Michael Connelly.  He is my favorite author.  I have every book of his in 1st  Edition.  I am on my third read of all of his books.  I just finished the Gods of Guilt and am getting ready for the Burning Room.

I find it more rewarding and as good of a read on the third trip through Connelly as the first read.  I always pick up the little nuances in each book that I missed the first or second read.  I usually remember how each story runs, but the details are harder to come.

I have a dozen or so authors that I read.  Most of them are authors that I collect all of their books.  It is tough to not quickly jump into reading a new Connelly book.  I have tried to be patient as now when a new Connelly book comes out I buy it and then set it up and just leave it for a month or so before I actually read it.  

Kind of stupid, right.

Anyway, I come back here to see if there were any others here who do what I do with the re-reading of all of Connelly's books.

He is the best.  Like I said, I have other favorites, but Michael Connelly is at the top of the list and by a long shot.


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Not stupid at all.  Several authors I re-read are Michael’s, of course, James Lee Burke, John Lescroart and Dennis Lehane. I now only buy digital books so they’re pretty easy to find in my library.


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Wehill -- you've described accurately my Connelly reading habit of the last almost 30 years.  The only difference is that I started with Connelly -- it was THE POET also -- upon the recommendation of President Clinton.  When I met MC at a book signing and I told him that fact, he responded that a lot of readers had acted upon Clinton's recommendation.  And since you're a re-reader like myself, you know that Connelly gave a shout out to Clinton's endorsement by naming a character after him.
Fred in Bogota

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 "I have other favorites, but Michael Connelly is at the top of the list and by a long shot."

Exactly. Also a 3rd time reader. Also a dissector and collector of the details - 
listing characters, mapping locations through the story, soaking in the universe.

Having said that, I kick myself for not getting the Clinton connection Fred mentioned. 
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