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Maybe because I was a journalist many years ago I have been drawn to the documentary in recent years. My first outing in this genre was with supporting Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story, a story about Frank Morgan and jazz and Los Angeles. From music I moved to art in helping to support the making of Tales of the American, which you can now stream on Amazon Prime. I did some research in L.A.’s downtown Arts District for my novel The Wrong Side of Goodbye. I came across the American Hotel, which has stood at the center of the district both culturally and geographically for several decades. I knew filmmakers Pamela Wilson and Stephen Seemayer for many years (Pam copy-edited many stories of mine at the L.A. Times) and pitched in on their plans to make a film about the American’s rich history over a hundred years. They’ve created a film that celebrates free expression, cultural change and a history that reflects the City of Angels’ sometimes rough development. I’m very proud to have my name on this film. If you have watched Bosch on Amazon Prime you can watch this film for free. 

Here is a link: https://amzn.to/2MyARcA

- Michael Connelly

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