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I have read Michael Connelly's books with great pleasure. I started reading these books because I grew up in LA and enjoy the references to locations I remember and because my father's cousin was a detective with RHD. The books are well written, intriguing, and entertaining. I have come to admire the character Harry Bosch and find him ethical, consistent, and sometimes flawed but always true to himself. I appreciate his sensitivity toward those that are discriminated against for factors beyond their control and for his respect for the women in his life.
I believed that these qualities came from Michael Connelly's own ethics. That is why, when reading Two Kinds of Truth, I was shocked and appalled to see an extremely obscene term used to describe what two men were wearing (Chapter 25). Domestic violence is a serious concern and should not be treated flippantly or casually. Someday I hope that no one will equate that term with a sleeveless undershirt.
It would be great if he didn't use that term again except to condemn the brutality it conveys.
Thank you!
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