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WHAT? So Series 6 premiers (Thursday and not Friday) and we have "ONE" (1 !) previous thread about it.
So, guess the sideburns are a big deal... well, he was told to lose 'em by Maddie in two I believe.
Bosch 'has' leaned down, looks like TW lost about 10 to 15 pounds.
J. Edgar has more lines, bigger presence.
Glad that Crate and Barrel and the whole crew are back BUT YOU CAN TELL who is aging and so forth. Maddie looks good; Irving is getting older; Mank is, well WONDERFULLY Mank and should be a real watch commander.
Having read all the Bosch books (and most two or three times for funny reasons) I do see the big differences between the written and acted versions. HOWEVER this season is definitely pretty tight and edgy. J Edgar is certainly on the 'prowl' and I am looking forward to his 'action' scenes (anyone know, as I cannot recall "IF" Avril was in any of the books Connelly wrote) upcoming.
LT is getting older (who ain't?) but can still twist her face into a perfect "WTF"... Capt Cooper is a snake, but they exist "just" like that, political animals and not cops.
Recall "Powers", whom Bosch has had a running commentary thru a few seasons, is shown once, gotten all the weight that "everyone" else lost, goes down. Doubt we'll see him again. 'Edge' and 'Wash' are still around...
I will be sorry to see the 'end' in Season 7 but it is true, the best of things do come to an end... glad it's on DVD.

Travis McGee and 'thee' Bosch!

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Just finished season 6. I miss it already.  And who knows how long it will take to film season 7 due to the corona virus. Bummer.
Actress who plays Maddie has really evolved into her role.  She is now one of the best characters.
In the book (overlook) Bosch had love interest with the female agent, Rachel Walling.  THey changed the character to Reese, but no romance.  Too bad.  One of the things I like about Bosch is being the brooding detective who still falls in love from time to time.  Haven't had much of that in TV show.
I love Amy. Here is a scene with her in Working Girl over 30 years ago.  Short but extremely memorable. 


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I think the reason we are low on threads on this great show is that most people currently use facebook and twitter, etc.  Message boards were an early form of group communication that have been bypassed in popularity by these other forums.  MC's facebook page has reflected robust discussion about the show. I am sort of a technophobe who does not participate on those forums, so I am grateful for this message board.  But as Roger points out, not so many folks are using it these days.
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