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Today I saw this about Lee Child:

He is going to stop writing Jack Reacher books and pass the task on to his roughly 15 yr younger brother. (Lee is only 65.)

No thank you!!

I live in the Boston area and am a pretty good Spenser fan. Read all Robert Parker's books (about 40) several more than once or twice. Led field trips to "Spenser's Boston" and everything. But I will not -- NOT -- read the Spenser books written by Ace Atkins or anyone else. It is not the same. Kinda like the Patterson employees who churn out books all the time under the "James Patterson" label. Nope - not interested. 

Yes, you form an attachment to the character... and as MC has said -- it is his goal to help readers get to know Harry like a brother. I feel that I do know him that way, after --not just reading the books several times -- but studying them with notes, maps, research, etc.

But the attachment to a great character is also with the author!! The little treats thrown across our pathways -- recognized only by long time readers, as opposed too those new to the series -- is part of that author-reader connection. PLEASE don't damage that.

MC is in that uncommon group of series writers whose character ages, and so far has not tried to do a prequel - and I hope he doesn't. The past is set already.   

Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE Michael - finish Bosch off properly. Maybe the cancer from The Overlook events. fine. Maybe a stray bullet b y young Ballard... Hey - it can happen!  Please don't turn Harry over to anyone else.  I know it would be tempting since it is a goldmine. Great for the Trust Fund and all. But PLEASE stay the course. 

Thank you, and I hope Jane will pass these thoughts on.


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I can only add "...and not too soon."

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Well, for sure. I am not trying to hasten it. Just saying, do it right.


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Since Harry and everyone in his universe is aging in real time I don't think you need to worry about another author continuing Harry's story. Madison's story is another matter. I would rather Harry retire in the last book. I don't need him to die but MC will decide however he likes.

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what are you talking about?HARRY CAN'T DIE.he is like a real friend to us.In so many ways,Harry formed the way I think..
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