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Can someone please explain the vehicle used in the kidnapping..

Trent follows Renee to her grandmother’s house. This is at least an hour’s drive from memory. The explanation for how he makes her as a detective and finds her van so he can follow it is a bit far fetched. I wondered for a second if Carr had deliberately tipped him off to get her out of the way. He knew she suspected Trent and knew where her grandmother lived.

But, never mind that. It is not what is worrying me.

Trent overpowers, drugs her then she wakes up in his house tied to the chair. He discovers his ex gave her a key so drugs her again and goes to get the ex wife.

But later she discovers her van is in the carport, so he apparently left his car up at the grandmothers and uses her van. Why? How was he going to pick up his car?

Seems a weird thing to do plotwise and writing wise.
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