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Just finished Trunk Music from 20 years ago.  Sorry to say, it is far better written, much lengthier,  much more plausible, and much less costly than your current offerings.  I know it's tough to come up with a new Harry Bosch story every year, but I think it's time to hang it up, lest you join the ranks of hacks like Child and Patterson.  You've made enough money.   It's time to rest on your laurels.


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Ahhh, the anonymity of the internet...
It gives people the courage to say whatever comes into their head.
What an awful thing to come in to someone's message board and write.
Out of curiosity, when do you think Mr. Connelly jumped the shark, exactly?
Trunk Music was written 20 years ago, and although I haven't read it yet, I am sure it is very good.
In your opinion, should he have stopped then? If he had, we would not have had such great offerings as Blood Work, Angels Flight, A Darkness More Than Night, City of Bones, Lost Light, The Narrows, The Closers, Echo Park, The Overlook, The Scarecrow, 9 Dragons, The Drop, The Black Box, The Burning Room, The Crossing, The Wrong Side of Goodbye, Two Kinds of Truth, not to mention ALL of the Mickey Haller books. Or are you saying that you want him to stop now because you feel like he is ruining great characters?
Or maybe you mean that the new books are distinctly shorter than the older books, but I think Mr. Connelly's books were of about the same length through The Drop. So maybe you are saying he should have stopped then?
I, for one, am excited to read/listen to the next story about Harry Bosch and Renee Ballard. 
The way I see it, Michael Connelly is a man who has created some great characters and seems to continue to enjoy writing about them and exploring new ways to bring them to audiences in new and different ways. I'm with him as long as he wants to give us new stories about these great characters.
You compare to James Patterson who, in my opinion, pairs up with tons of different authors to create an enormous body of work that lacks the quality and structure that he once had. Michael Connelly certainly has not done that.
I am not familiar with Lee Child's work, so I will not comment there.
I hope what I am getting across is that although you are entitled to your opinion, I disagree completely.


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Marty23 - As someone who has read every Bosch book 2 to 3 times over, I disagree. If you are just getting around to reading Trunk Music, shame on you.My only complaint,and it's a minor one, is O don't think it's necessary to introduce any new characters for Harry to team up with.Then again, I'm not the author, they are, after all, his characters.

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I am reading all the Harry Bosch series right now...I'm almost done, and sad to have to say good-bye to this character, and the great stories!!  I love them, and although I'm a novice, I think the writing is interesting, and intense!  I can't believe it took me this long to discover this writer...I love the characters, including the regulars...also watching the series on amazon prime...which I shouldn't have done, only because it gave some things away that I hadn't gotten to in the books yet...😉  But, the series isn't exactly the same as the story-line in the books, so it's safe to watch, while reading the books...For the nay-sayers, if you don't enjoy the books, don't read them!  To each their own...and leave us that love them alone!  And I'm also considering reading all the series over again...I found a site that sells used hardcovers...I bought over 20 of the Harry Bosch series, for almost under $100...all were in great condition, the binders not broken, clean...On Amazon, even the older books run about $30 still...I bought these for $4 or $5...So keep on writing Michael!!  Oh, also, I work for the police...some of the topics, procedures, lingo etc etc is pretty authentic, imo....

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Also, comparing this author to Patterson is ridiculous....I compare Patterson to Danielle Steele...for a younger mind-set, too simplistic...Connelly is much more intense, descriptive, and hard to put down!  There's always a surprise ending on who the bad guys are, or where the story-line is headed...I'm usually pretty good at figuring out where things are going to go, but after reading almost all the Bosch series, I'm still surprised in each of them...and I love that most of the books are long...I rarely buy books that are minimal in length...just my preference...during down times at work (which are rare), I read...and we're not allowed to have electronics on at work (i.e.Kindle's), so I have to purchase the real-deal...the heaviness and thickness of a story is important to me! 
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