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I just finished the GODS OF GUILT and it was very good!  Seems like it is set to be the follow up movie to the Lincoln Lawyer.  Just a couple of questions...

1.  Why doesn't the book explain how the Lincoln Lawyer movie come to be and how much Mickey gets paid for it?  They did this when Bloodwork came out and made that part of the storyline.

2.  Where did Mickey Haller's extra Lincoln's go?  If my memory serves me correctly, he had around 5 of them.  In the new book it makes no mention of the other Lincolns and what happened to them.

I love the way the book ends...seems like maybe a certain person really isn't dead, and maybe he will come back for revenge.  Mickey may need his half brother's help!  Hope the revenge won't be taken out on Mickey's daughter...could be interesting turns....
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