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I love the Bosch series and do not want it to end.
I like the way the Maddie character has developed and the interplay of those two characters.

What I like most about the series and the books is the way LA becomes an additional character.  I always learn something new about LA in the Bosch stories in print and on film.  This time I learned about the Ace Hotel and its interesting historical theatre.  Last season I learned about the fascinating tunnels under LA connected to the Biltmore.  When I go to LA on business, I am often reminded of Bosch when I pass the Water Grill, or Angels Flight, Traxx at the train station, or the LA River. 

In the very first season, there was a cameo of Michael dressed up as a Santa Claus.
This year they were very bold and had Michael walk right through the detective office, and Vega said, Hi Michael, and he said hey.  I thought that was surprising and cute.

I did really miss Robertson this year.  What happened to him?
I also miss Eleanor and hated it when she died.  I was hoping they would depart from the books to the extent they would keep her alive in the series but it was not to be.  I guess an important part of the Bosch story arc is his role as single father and they did not want to lose that.

I am really looking forward to season seven and hope it will not be delayed too badly due to the virus.

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