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We really enjoy the Bosch Series.  I think Mr Welliver is a wonderful actor and great in this part.  One small thing really bugs me though.  Bosch is supposed to be a squared away ex military Cop.  Tats, a blatant Rolex Sub  are there and a 5" Kimber carried in kydex with 2 spare mags.  Mags are even CMC Power mags.   All great detailing.  But someone is a clueless goof ball on set, as they have continued through all 4 Seasons allowing Harry to carry his mags stuck in his mag pouch back wards.  It is a real turn off every time his spare ammo is shown.  It is such a small detail but  totally wrecks any scene to see something no one would ever actually do in real life.  It is a clear buzz kill for every episode. Would someone please fix that?!!!

Also wouldn't hurt to send Mr. Welliver off to Gunsite for a week prior to Season 5.   It sure would make the character a lot more convincing any time Harry pulls out his 1911.   I just looked at every photo I could find of Welliver holding and supposedly shooting a 1911 on google.   Obviously Mr Welliver has never had any professional training using a 1911 (hand gun in general?) .   It makes his character really hard to believe at time.     

I understand Mr Welliver is a martial artist in real life.   A couple days with a professional to show him around a 1911 would allow the series shine even more. 

Hope to see Harry back for at least a half dozen more seasons! 

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Well, I went and tried to see some pictures, to see what you're talking about...and I got caught-up in watching videos of interviews instead...(btw, gotta' love a man that loves cats!)...In one interview he mentioned how he's hung with homicide cops, to learn some things, so I would think they would have taught him about guns, ammo, etc.  

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I like the Series, just like to see it done better.  It would take so little effort to do that.

From viewing the Series I'd doubt Mr. Welliver has ever had any firearms training.  Interesting in that Harry the actor writes left hand, but shoots right handed.  But taught anything?  None of this for sure.

Pretty obvious he has never shot a 1911 with anything but blanks, if that, just by his consistent use of a terrible grip on the gun.  His gear?  It simply doesn't work the way he has it set up.  

His mags are in his dbl mag pouch back wards.  Which makes it impossible to reload his 1911 correctly.   His grip on the gun?  Dismal at best.

I know it is just fantasy but his character is suppose to be squared away as a LEO.  Great novels, great TV Series, great actor.  Terrible follow up on some actual details that matter.  

Photos below shows his bad grip and  the right hand mag pouch being worn on the left side.  No one that actually has a clue would make either mistake.  Often as not on the series they use a left hand mag pouch with the mags stuck in backwards as well...still won't work.


Here is how it should look, mags pointed forward.


Clueless grip....



and  an actual shooting grip for a 1911



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I competed with the 1911 in the military and have owned one for most of my life and taken many combat courses with it. There are different "good grips." What you show as "an actual grip" is a classic two handed grip, but not the only possibility. What Welliver is trying to do is a version of the CAR (Center Axis Relock) grip, which was also attempted by Keanu Reeves in John Wick, although both actors don't do that grip as it is taught. In your first photo under your caption "clueless grip" the grip is clumsy and loose, but it is an attempt at a CAR grip. In the second, he is not too far off the proper CAR grip and stance. He even has the details of the gun slightly canted and the body bladed. That one is close enough for TV.

It is illogical that the Bosch TV character would be carrying at 1911, though. Those are only allowed for SWAT in the LAPD. The TV Bosch was supposedly in Special Forces in the first Gulf War and returned to military service for a stint in Afghanistan. For both of those deployments and the early part of the character's service with LAPD, the sidearm would have been the Beretta 92, so that would have been the handgun the TV Bosch character would have had the most training and experience with. Glocks are now the standard, but the Berettas are still allowed. 

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Center Axis Relock grip?  Don't think so.  We can agree to disagree.  I don't think Welliver is attempting anything he's actually been taught...where clearly Reeves is and his character shows the time invested in training.  

CAR was intended as a CQB technique at very close ranges using the non dominate eye.  It is not the most effective technique generally, just one of many a well rounded shooter would incorporate in their own shooting, Weaver, Isosceles, Sul come to mind.   Worth noting no modern technique calls for a off hand index finger on the trigger guard.  Harry's dominate and non dominate hands thumb position on a 1911 is guaranteed to cause a malfunction of a 1911 and eventually lock up the gun by bumping the thumb safety into a locked position.  But hey, it is just TV, so why pay attention  😉  

At least Welliver is consistently clueless with his off hand index finger on the trigger guard.  And no legitimate trainer teaches off hand index finger on the trigger guard.   Stance isn't an issue when shooting on the move, as your stance will be fluid.   Your actual grip on the gun isn't nearly as fluid.  Grip is changed only when forced to by target position/acquisition and your body  position  The grip is where Harry/Wellier fails miserably.  He has very little/no support from his off hand  A day on the range with live ammo with a decent instructor would correct the issue.  His Harries Flashlight technique could use some help as well 😉

Good discussions of the Center Axis Relock system:



1911?  Depends on his supposed Special Forces units in the Gulf War and Afghanistan.   He could have easily deployed with a 1911.  Some did.

LAPD's use of the 1911?   SWAT and the Special Investigation Section (SIS)?  SIS has the option of using any one of four 1911 guns they are issued.


as of 5/2018

"Currently, LAPD authorizes almost all models offered by Colt, Springfield and Kimber. Soon, STI 1911 and 2011, as well as Wilson Combat, Les Baer and Nighthawk Custom will be approved.

Originally, anyone wanting to carry a 1911 used to have to shoot "Expert" (380+ out of 400 points) in the Dept's bonus course. Now, a score of 365 or better will suffice. Then, you have to go to their 3-day 1911 school. Upon completion of the school, you are then authorized to deploy a Dept-approved 1911 for duty. "

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I agree with Markie.. Some odd things going on with Welliver's shooting techniques not easily explained away 😉

Great TV Series but I think that glaring flaw distracts from the show.
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